About Shanghai Tix-Media Co., Ltd.

Established in 2011, Shanghai Tix-Media Co., Ltd. (Tix-Media) is an art institution in pursuit of cultural ideals and the mission of the times. Over the past decade since its establishment, Tix-Media has remained true to its mission of bringing the arts to the public, with the ambition of transforming Shanghai into a cultural metropolis. So far, we have planned and staged a number of influential international art exhibitions as well as made evident contributions to promote international exchanges, cultural spirit and public education. Our efforts have also garnered extensive attention from the public from all walks of life, establishing us as a pioneer in the sectors of art exhibition and cultural & creative, as well as a distinctive representative of Shanghai culture in the new era.

The following is a list of some notable exhibitions introduced and organized by Tix-Media since its founding in 2011:

The Masterpieces of Picasso Exhibition (2011)

Designing 007: Fifty Years of the Bond Style (2013)

Master of Impressionism – Claude Monet (2014)

Dali’s Fantastic Universe (2015)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: A Life for Painting (2015)

Masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou (2016)

500 Years of Western Paintings: Collection of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (2019)

USA Pop Art and Japanese Contemporary Art (2019)

Eternal Peace: Exhibition of Qi Baishi (2019)

Ukiyo-e: A Dream Journey to Edo (2020)

Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet (2020)

Monet & Impressionists Masterpieces (2021)

From the Renaissance to the 19th Century - Masterpieces from the Accademia

Carrara, Bergamo, Italy (2021)

The above exhibitions, all sourced from internationally renowned museums and art institutions, have received widespread acclaim from visitors.